“The ABC to Building a Smart Belt and Road: Law and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud” will take place on Friday, 28 September 2018 in Hong Kong, featuring the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (“A.I.”) in legal sector and its impact on multijurisdictional transactions brought by the Belt and Road Initiative.

The one-day Conference will feature A.I., Blockchain and Cloud streams simultaneously. Each session will have three concurrent streams, composing of nine distinctive sub-sessions in total. Eminent speakers from leading technology companies, entrepreneurs, government bodies, regulators and law firms will be invited to discuss on various topics such as ethical issues on A.I.; future of cross-border transactions with fintech and smart contracts; rise of cloud and machine learning of law and regulations; automation versus legal profession; potential risks of blockchain applications, issues related to data privacy, cybersecurity, cloud computing and more.

28 September 2018
9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
S221, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre,
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai,
Hong Kong
“The ABC to Building a Smart Belt and Road: Law and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud”
6.5 CPD points
will be accredited

The Law Society of Hong Kong

The Law Society of Hong Kong is a professional association for solicitors in Hong Kong. It was established in 1907 and performs a regulatory as well as representative role over the solicitors’ branch of the Hong Kong legal profession. There are currently about 10,900 local members and 1,500 registered foreign lawyers from 34 jurisdictions*. Together they provide a wide range of legal services to the domestic as well as international markets.

*As of 31 May 2018

Welcome Message

Ms. Melissa K.Pang
by Ms. Melissa K. Pang, MH, JP, President of The Law Society of Hong Kong

It gives me the greatest pleasure to invite you to join us at the eagerly anticipated Belt and Road Conference, organised by The Law Society of Hong Kong, and to be held in Hong Kong on Friday, 28 September 2018.

Hong Kong, a gateway to opportunities from the Belt and Road Initiative, is known for its expertise in providing top-notch legal, accounting and project development consultancy, as well as insurance, risk management and dispute resolution services. It also stands at the forefront of innovation and design. In view of the increasing convergence between I.T., legal industry and cross-border transactions under the Belt and Road Initiative, The Law Society hosts the second Belt and Road Conference entitled “The ABC to Building a Smart Belt and Road: Law and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cloud”. As the title suggests, the Conference will offer a platform for professionals and businesses from all sectors around the world to take part in in-depth discussions on issues arising from the Initiative.

Participants will be able to examine the ethical and legal issues concerning advanced technologies, such as fintech, smart contracts and proptech. Our aim is to find out how the legal and technology industries handles convergence, and turn challenges into real opportunities.

In light of the very substantial positive impact of the Initiative on the international legal services market, the Conference will be an invaluable opportunity to share and collaborate in great ideas, and map the way forward with our fellow professionals from around the world. I look forward to welcoming you to our Conference on 28 September 2018!

Organising Committee

  • Huen Wong (Chairman)
  • Nick Chan (Vice-Chairman)
  • Bonita Chan
  • C.M. Chan
  • Geoffrey Chan
  • Sherman Chan
  • Simon M.Y. Chan
  • Simon S.M. Chan
  • Muhammad Kamran Chaudhry
  • Heidi Chui
  • Julianne Doe
  • Ilan Freiman
  • Stephen Hung
  • Fred Kan
  • Sebastian Ko
  • Christine Koo
  • Karen Lam
  • William Lam
  • Ricardo Lee
  • Amirali Nasir
  • Melissa Pang
  • Steffen Pedersen
  • Robert Rhoda
  • Hin Han Shum
  • Thomas So
  • Ronald Sum
  • Vincent Tso
  • Henry Wai
  • Louise Wong
  • Philip Wong
  • Victor Yau
(in alphabetical order)